Chiona Beach
Ithanos Beach
Kouremenos Beach
Maridati Beach
Vai Beach

Beaches of the region
Keen swimmers, surf freaks and snorklers have the agony of the choice around Palekastro. A multiplicity of fantastic beaches and lonely bays makes it hard to decide on the early morning where to go now. The selection of the beaches which I present here is limited to the most well-known of the region. Perhaps besides there are a few more hidden paradise beaches, try to find them on your own...
The season starts in May and lasts until November with nice water temperatures, if you're smart enough you will try in April.

Beaches around Palekastro

The Meltemi
Those hating strong winds will try to find a protected place. In the summer the "Meltemi" blows frequently and very strong. A refreshing wind from northwest which makes the heat bearable. Some however don't like that "wild guy" cause every now and then strong gusts take away your towels into the sea. If you are not fast enough you have to catch your goods at the shores of Karpathos Island. Particularly wildly, unrestrainedly and always off-coast the Meltemi blows and this is why Kouremenos became the paradise for surfers of all kind.

Surfers paradise Kouremenos

Protected calm bays
Those trying to escape from the strong winds of summer are looking for a protected bay. And if there's some shade in the proximity (during summer obligation!) nothing can go wrong to relax on the beach of you choice. A good example for an almost wind free bay in Maridati.

For nudes- bays east of Chiona

Nude bathing - annoying topic
Unfortunately many non-Greeks who come to the island guess they have to implement their own moral conceptions and pay no heed to the locals. Who is appropriate for swimming and relaxing without any clothes should always go to a beach or an area which is not frequented by the local people. The Greeks do not have antiquated moral conceptions, they are simply different.
And who ignores and for example throw away his clothes at the "Chiona" is acting sacrilegious. Nudes at the Chiona ensure again and again each and every year that the people from the village pick up immediately their things and their children and leave. Remember yourselves as a guest and not as the one coming with lots of money to buy you the freedom of doing everything. Respect the locals in the same way they are respecting you!

Climatic table Palekastro
Water temperatures [avarage] in °C
1. Half Jan. Feb. Mar. April May June
Average 18 17 17 18 20 22
2. Half July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average 24 26 27 25 22 20